Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Storm Electra!

Limited Moisture is all that kept this from being a moderate risk. But on my day off wind profiles like today's were too tempting to not chew on. Target was Wichita Falls. Luckily I noticed a nail in my right rear tire before leaving or things might not have turned out as well.

As we approached SPS we noted fattening towers to the west. We gassed up and continued up 287 and several cells merged in one large beast near Electra. We moved to the south side of town and watched a wall-cloud form as it moved straight at us.

As we moved back to the west side of Electra it turned into a merry-go-round with tornadic rotation. We were blocked from seeing any ground contact but later saw a cone wrapped in the rain. I'll have to review the video that mike shot of this as I was driving at the time.

Nice Wall-Cloud forms.

Close up!

Baylor county storm before getting cut off.

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the weatherman said...

Great photos you've got there..Those dark wall of clouds were amazing..It's the beauty that severe weather do brings in..wild kind of clouds.

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