Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What now?

I guess it's about time I updated everyone about what's been going on in my life.

After my last post way back when I went to the eye doctor because I had a blind spot in my left eye that had been there since June. I probably wouldn't have still went except it was getting time to renew my drivers license and I knew the eye test would spell trouble.

After a complete exam the eye doctor referred me to another more qualified specialist since he was seeing swollen optic nerves and bleeding in the back of the eye.

The specialist actually sent me for MRI's to find out if something was causing pressure on the back of the optic nerve. These showed microscopic bleeding and the new specialist referred to a specialist about this.

In the meantime they finally checked my blood pressure and it was sky high more than 250 over 150. Both agreed this could be the root of everything. I was blowing a gasket!

I didn't even have a family doctor. I'm never sick, or so I thought.

I was told to go strait to the emergency room and I did where they put me on 5 medications which lowered my BP but totally numbed the brain in the process.

Once out of the hospital I found a family doctor and turned things over to him and improved for a couple of weeks.

Then I started having trouble holding food down and it got worst and worst until a blood test showed that my Kidney's had shut down. This put me back in the hospital on November 27th.

I was scheduled for a tube through the chest so Dialysis could start the next morning. Then my numbers started looking better and the Kidney specialist wanted to see me around mid January. I liked that turn around.

I was released on December 1st after the doc informed me that I was now Diabetic to go along with everything else.

What a mind trip! When I go in I couldn't hold anything down and 3 days later I was having to worry about eating enough.

I'm finally feeling pretty good and have lost about 40 pounds, though I wish I'd done it some other way.

The doctor has ok'ed me to return to work but I was gone so long that they replaced me. Yes, they can do that after 12 weeks. Trouble is that right now there's no opening at my job. They're working with me but so far I'm SOL.

So after all of that I've gotta look for a job. What fun!


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