Saturday, February 3, 2007

My best chase of the year

April 15th was probably my best chase of the year being that I left for my target the day before to be in place. I drove to Wichita, KS the day before then on to southeast Nebraska and the Beatrice tornado.

Still I wasn't able to get as close as others (not that I wanted to get as close as some) and was only able to shoot video as the first tornado was down. It was already raining and all I could do was find a place to pull off, grab the camera and start shooting. No time for a tripod.

At first there appeared to be only one tornado with this storm but the NWS survey revealed a 30+ mile damage path. A review of my video shows the original meso wrapping in rain and another larger tornado developing inside.

Even with all this I had a blast and ran into Jimmy Deguara and his group from down under. This seems to happen quite often. It was great to see old friends that came such a long way.

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